Aspen 6A
With Anna-Lena Janke, we redesigned the Aspen 6A, the Performance Issue. 

    Waybay Typeface
    2019 ~

    In hopes of achieving a certain sexiness in typography, WayBay gives a gentle rhythmic wave throughout the glyphs that began from calligraphy. Email for type specimen.


      Using data merge, lovelettersfromcraig serves as a physical form of, giving a chocolate-box-ish seductiveness to some perverse posts found on craigslist.

        Moving Forward

        In collaboration with Do?a Gönüllü, we found common ground on using our faces to represent technology as an extension of man. The book covers the theory behind our work and also an interview with Hendrik Jan Grievenk.

          DNA Typeface

          A typeface inspired by the DNA. The complex and systematic grid works as a framework for each glyphs.